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10 Year Term Insurance

10 Year Term Life Insurance is one of most basic types of life insurance policies. The policy is designed to protect you for a ten year period, after which you can choose to renew the coverage. With this type of term insurance the scheduled premium level is locked in for the life of the policy, but may increase when the policy is renewed. The death benefit is also locked in at the pre-determined face amount (example $500,000 life insurance). The great thing about investing in a term life insurance policy is that when the term expires you can renew the policy without having to provide evidence of good health. You also have the ability to change the term policy into a permanent life insurance policy, allowing you to build up cash value while also earning dividends.

When you choose a policy you are also able to designate a beneficiary for the life insurance. If you pass away while the term life insurance is in force, then your beneficiary will be paid a death benefit. A shorter term life insurance policy, such as the ten year term, is perfect for helping to cover short term expenses while providing coverage for you should anything occur. If you are in need of life insurance and want the most affordable protection for the lowest premiums, an investment in a 10 year term policy is essential.

Who Purhcases 10 Year Term Policy

A ten year term policy is usually referred to short term, simply because it is usually the shortest term offered by the insurance carrier. There are many reasons why people would consider a short term solution. For instances,outlined below are a couple situations where a 10 year term policy may be the most appropriate choice for you:

Business Loan Protection

Business Life Insurance Policy

Insuring a Keyman or Key Employee

College Tuition and Loan Repayment

Home Equity Loan

Car Loan or High Credit Card Debt

10 Year Term Life Insurance Quotes

To Compare 10 year life insurance rates from top carriers enter your date of birth above. Advantage One Insurance is licensed with hundreds of companies whom offer extremely competitive rates for ten year terms. Our instant online quote tool is fully secure and your personal data is kept confidential and never sold or supplied to any third party. For full disclosure feel free to visit our privacy policy.

(A few companies currently offers a 5 year term policy for people 16-75, but once the period is up there is a rate increase on renewals. Making it less attractive to proposed insureds)