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15 Year Term Life Insurance

If you are someone who is thinking about investing in life insurance, a 15 Year Term Life Insurance policy may be the perfect type of policy to cover your changing needs. With this life insurance policy you will be fully covered during the entire period while paying level premium payments. While some policies increase premiums after five or ten years, this policy has a locked in premium, allowing you more flexibility and lower total premium payments. Although term insurance does not build cash value, the policy does come with a substantial death benefit and you have the option to change over to a permanent life insurance policy near the end of your term.

15 Year Term Life Insurance can satisfy a myriad of needs. For example, if you have a child and need security for your family while providing a source of funding for college expenses. As a business owner you could use the policy to protect against the death of a partner or stockholder by using it to fund buy-sell agreements. You could also use the policy to insure a key employee that is essential to your business. Either way, a 15 Year Term policy will provide affordable coverage while giving you peace of mind and security.