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Best Life Insurance Policy Rates


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Term Life Insurance comes in all different shapes and sizes. The most common terms are 10, 15, and 30 years. To figure out which term is best you have to consider the uses of the policy and the reasons for investing in a policy. For short term coverage you should consider five or ten year term life insurance. This type of policy is best for guaranteeing you a high death benefit for lower premiums should anything happen to you during the life of the policy. It is also perfect for covering short term expenses such as a loan on a car. A low term policy can also satisfy your long term needs because it can be renewed at a higher premium rate or be changed into a permanent life insurance policy near the end of the term.

If you have a family and want to insure they're future, then a 15 or 20 year term life insurance policy may be the best decision for you. These policies are perfect for covering the expenses associated with paying for college for your children. The premium rates on the policy are locked in, meaning that you pay the same premium for the duration of the policy. Like the five or ten year term, you also have the option to change over to a permanent life insurance policy. In the case that something does happen to you there is also a substantial death benefit associated with these policies.


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For long term goals and coverage, consider 30 year term life insurance. These policies offer very affordable rates on premiums and will give you and your family financial security for the life of the policy. If you outlive the policy, you do have to option to renew the policy by paying increased premiums each year after the expiration of the original policy. This is the best solution for someone who is not concerned with money now and wants to make sure his or her family is protected for years to come.

No matter what policy you choose, term life insurance is designed to fit your changing needs. Please feel free to use Financial One's Instant Life Insurance Quote tool to best choose a policy that is right for you.