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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Many people fear the life insurance medical exam, but what if we told you can purchase up to $500,000 of no medical life insurance. Many companies offer a product known as no medical term. Its a traditional term policy with no hassel of a paramedical exam, however there is added costs associated with these types of life insurance policies, convenience come at a price. Though not everyone will qualify, call one of our agents today and find out if you are one of the people accepted for No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance.

no-medical-exam-life-insuranceDisadvantages to No Medical Life Insurance: Higher Rates


They realise that their premium is at stake, and many take the incorrect view that doctors are somehow pitched against them, willing to exploit any minor weakness detected. Some people try and work out how they can fake being healthier than they are! But these worries are generally groundless. Your health is a consequence of many years of lifestyle choices, and doctors are professionals, objective, more interested in the hard facts than in excuses. So the best thing is to relax and understand the process better, rather than trying to work out how to beat it.

Medical exams can occur whenever you buy life insurance, but are more likely to occur is you are over the age of 40, or if the policy you are buying involves a very considerable amount of coverage. You should note that if you are over the age of 40, the amount of life insurance you will be able to buy will reduce as you get on in years. It seems likely that at some point you are likely to face a medical exam. And even if you are young, if you plan to take out very high levels of coverage, then you may also expect an exam: life insurance firms would not want to risk such a substantial quantity of money without checking your level of health.

So what should you expect? Standard medical exams are conducted by a doctor or nurse and include a physical examination, a blood test, and a urine test, which will detect items such as healthy insulin levels, traces of nicotine in your urine and the quantity of elevated liver enzymes in your blood. You may also have an EKG test, even a treadmill EKG test, to test for stress, in case this may have an adverse effect on your heart. You are likely to be asked about your medical history in detail, required to provide information on the doctors you have seen, the frequency and reasons for appointments with them, and the nature of treatments you have been prescribed.

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A surprising amount of people believe they can hide conditions or information and thus get the better of the medical exam, but this is not a sensible outlook. Not only are you dealing with professional medical practitioners who are likely to have seen and heard it all before, but insurers have access to the Medical Information Bureau, which contains a vast quantity of information on individuals’ health status. Moreover, if it is subsequently found that you have been deceptive, or that you have not fully disclosed necessary information, insurance firms will be even more meticulous in analysing potential risk factors with your application, or they may even cancel your claim or deny your loved ones death benefit. Do not risk losing out by attempting to beat the medical exam!

Instead, the best form of preparation is to relax, and to try and ensure you are in top condition on the day. Avoid turning up tired, hung-over, exhausted from exercise, or buzzing from too much caffeine or nicotine! And to ensure the best results, consider fasting for eight hours before the exam, and limiting your salt and cholesterol intake a good day or two beforehand too. Lastly, ensure you feel well on the day of the exam: you do not want illness to give unrepresentative results.