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Life Insurance for the Elderly and Senior Citizens

Should you be blessed in not having any pre-existing conditions and you lead a healthy lifestyle, you may qualify for the lowest premiums and higher coverages.


If you do have certain pre-existing conditions, you may still get decent coverage and rates by allowing us to shop the market of all the top carriers throughout the country.

If you have severe pre-existing conditions such as cancer or cronic heart disease, life insurance for elderly is still available from certain carriers that specialize in offering policies to people with high risk life insurance chronic health conditions.

Senior Life Insurance Rates

Like all life insurance, rates are based on health. Senior life insurance rates tend to be more expensive, due to the fact many seniors are being treated for at least one medical condition. However, Life Insurance Underwriters do take in to account how well your condition is managed.

When you are ready to apply for life insurance it is good to have a list of your medications ready, as well as what milligram or dosage. By providing our agents with this information we are not only able to provide you with a more accurate quote, but we will have the advantage of utilizing specific carriers that are more favorable to your diagnosis or medical condition.

Example Life Insurance for Senior Age 67

For instance an average 67 year old male who is being treated for high blood pressure will pay an average rate of $1,388.00 per year at a standard plus health class rating, with a particular A rated company. Another A+ rated company quoted that very same man at only a standard health class.

The Life Insurance Underwriting guidelines to vary from company to company and our agents at Advantage One Insurance have extensive training in senior life insurance policies and know which underwriters will be most aggressive for our client's unique situation. All underwriters will obtain your medical records so it is very important to be completely honest with your agent upfront to avoid from surprises later.

For a personalized consultation for senior life insurance call one of our agent today, but be sure to a list of your medications, medical conditions, and family history ready. We will shop the market on your behalf and promise to find you the most competitive rate for seniors life insurance!


Why Do Seniors Need Life Insurance?


As you grow older, you may think that you no longer need to carry life insurance. After all, once the kids are out of the house and on their own, you don’t have to worry about making certain they are financially cared for. In addition, once you have retired, you don’t have to worry about replacing your income for your spouse. Nonetheless, there are still reasons that you might want to consider obtaining seniors life insurance. If you are senior and shopping for other types of insurance, you may be able to save money by shopping your medicare supplement quotes on the web.

Although you may not have anyone depending upon your income, having senior life insurance in place will help you avoid causing an unnecessary burden on your loved ones. After all, paying for funeral costs can be quite expensive. In addition, if you have any outstanding debts, having seniors life insurance in place will cover these expenses so your family will not be burdended by these expenses.


Which Senior Life Policy Is Right For Me

Obtaining life insurance after you grow older can be difficult. After all, life insurance companies will consider your liklihood of passing away when determining your eligibility and your premium rates. As you grow older, your probability of passing away becomes greater. Therefore, it is a good idea to deal with a company that specializes with life insurance for seniors. This way, you can get a policy that is affordable that will also help keep your loved ones protected.

Although you do not have an income to replace, obtaining life insurance can also help provide for your spouse if you should pass away. After all, your spouse will only receive a portion of your social security payments if you pass away. Therefore, your spouse will not have the same income coming in after you pass. With life insurance coverage in place, you can help your spouse maintain the same standard of living even if you should pass away.